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About Ramshehar

Solan District came into existence at the time of the reorganization of the districts of the State on Ist September, 1972. The District was carved out of Solan and Arki tehsils of the then Mahasu district and tehsils of Kandaghat and Nalagarh of the then Shimla District. Administratively, the district is divided into four Sub-division viz. Solan comprising of Solan and Kasauli tehsils, Nalagarh covers the jurisdiction of Arki and Kandaghat Sub-divisions covers their respective tehsils. The total geographical area of the district according to the Surveyor General of India is 1,936 sq. km. which constitutes 3.49 percent of the total area of the State and ranks 9th amongst the district. Ramshehar is sub tehsil (small administrative area) in Nalagarh tehsil with in Solan district.

 Physical Features

The mountains of lower elevation are found in western-southern parts of the district comprising of Nalagarh and Arki tehsils while higher ranges start from central region and extend upto north-eastern corner of the District comprising Solan tehsil and parts of Arki tehsil, Kasauli tehsil and Kandaghat tehsil which are located in north-eastern direction of the district and are having the highest ranges of the District. The elevation of the Ramshehar ranges from 600 to 15,00 metres above sea level. Ramshehar fort lies at the height of 3900 ft above sea level on a hill top having 360 degree view.


Autumn/Winter/Spring: October to April. Max. 31oC, Min. 4oC
Summer: May & June Max. 35oC, Min 20oC








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