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Ramshehar Heritage Fort Resort an Architectural Marvel

Himachal Pradesh is a captivating region of Indian Himalayas. It is often referred to as the “Magical Showcase of Nature’s Splendor”. It has abundant green grasslands and wide valleys set against imposing snow-clad mountains, flowing rivers, fruit laden orchards and groves. It is the ultimate travel destination in India. It attracts travelers from allover the world.It has been adjudged as the best summer holiday destination by the outlook magazine in its annual holiday traveler’s survey.

The “Ramshehar Heritage Resort” combines rich hospitality and a chance for tourists to revisit rich historical heritage of our country. Land measuring 28 bighas 4 biswa has been acquired for the resort with the due permission of government of Himachel Pradesh.The fort is under rennovation and restoration since April 2010 under the the leadership of Sh Parveen Bansal ,Chairman of Abhimanu Group. The project aims at not only restoring Ramsheher fort (built in 1540 AD by Raja Ramchander of Hindur) , but also creating modern facilties to make it attractive from tourism purposes.

This resort will narrate the heritage of Himachal Pradesh where one will find the saga of happiness, sorrow, love and betrayal, all woven in the movements of time. This Historical fort will offer guests a unique opportunity to enjoy the rich culture and ethos. The Resort will serve various purposes be it a short or leisurely vacation for a family or a professional business trip- Ramshehar Fort Resort is perfectly catering to all guest requirements. This hotel opens its doors to those travelers , who apart from enjoying lavish accommodation and other modern amenities , want to take back with them a part of Himachal glorious history. The heritage fort resort has added a new dimension to tourism in Himachal Pradesh. It is a value addition not only in terms of attracting tourists but also generating local employment and income through job creation and subsidiary activities.

Endowed with the timeless beauty, elegant royalty and serenity of its surroundings, the resort is equipped with impeccable services and all modern day comforts that will make the stay an absolutely royal, relaxed, refreshing and contemplating experience. This resort has various options that help the guest have a comfortable stay. The hotel also gives the guests the freedom to be themselves. The service is crisp and courteous. Every touch point across the customer's journey has been carefully thought.

The customer experience across the hotel has been divided into zones, and special initiatives have been introduced to deliver the brand promise. It offers customers the experience of flexibility, freedom and fitness. The different zones are – recreating history through open air theatre and light and sound show, , stay, hangout, meet, work, workout, unwind and explore.
The various initiatives introduced are — a 24/7 approach to all services — all key services of the hotel will be available round the clock; active foods — super foods and low glycerin index foods for health conscious guests; eat in — a refreshed in-room dining menu; yoga mats in each room; 'wake up' — the buffet breakfast with a range of healthy and indulge options etc.

All these facilties are created through Eco-friendly methods using water harvesting, sewage treatment plant, use of solar power, energy saving devices , plantation of trees.

In future the project has a potential to boost rural tourism as the area in which it is located is rich in cultural heritage. The local population can be motivated to take up tourism friendly and income generating activities. We are one of the most luxurious heritage resort in himachal pradesh, Nalagarh, Chandigarh and Shimla. We Welcome to our Fort Resort





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