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Short History and Predecessors

Nalagarh was the capital of the kingdom of Hindur founded by Raja Ajai Chand in 1100 A.D. It was ruled by the Chandela Rajputs. The Chandela kings were great patrons of art and architecture. Raja Ram Chander, another illustrious ruler of the same dynasty, was also a great builder who constructed the Ramgarh Fort (Now renamed as Ramshehar heritage fort resort in Himachal by the present occupants) and the town of Ramshere in 1540 AD. Raja Surendra Singh was the last ruler of Nalagarh and his son, Raja Vijayendra is the present ceremonial ruler of Nalagarh. The Ramshehar Fort Resort has a series of structures that are mostly built in the Mughal style of architecture but elements of Hindu and even the British architecture cannot be ignored. The Fort is located on a hillock at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas affording a panoramic view of the Shivalik Hills beyond the Sirsa River.

History of Shimla goes back to the period of Anglo-Gurkha war in the beginning of 19th century. In 1804 the Gurkhas, who had suffered a severe defeat at the hands of the Sikhs at the battle of Kangra, a hill fortress about sixty miles from Shimla, where according to some accounts they lost thousands of men in the fight and many others from disease, commenced to ravage the states and hills surrounding Shimla. Gurkhas built many forts around Shimla. One of these strongholds, the Jagatgarh fortress, was the origin of the modern Jutogh, the well known military cantonment adjoining Shimla. By 1808 the invaders had conquered all the fortified posts between the Jamuna and Satluj, and from their capital Arki began their ruthless rule over the neighbouring hill states, until at length the people in their wretchedness appealed to the British for help. A small British force under Major General 'Sir David Ochterlony' was dispatched to liberate the hill men from Gurkhas. Majority of hill chiefs responded to the call and joined the British forces. The rivals were engaged in the toughest battle at 3750 ft high Ramgarh fort at Nalagarh. A decisive battle took place near the fort at Malaon in which superior guns of the British overpowered the enemy. The battle of Malaon on 15 May 1815 ended the dream of the Gurkhas, to rule over this part of the land for any longer. After few days, an official declaration was made according to which all Chieftains who had joined British in expelling the Gurkhas were restored with their land under the British protection. The maharaja of Patiala who has also rendered invaluable services to the British was rewarded with land in the neighbourhood of the area now comprising Shimla. After the defeat of Gurkhas they were forced to sign the Treaty of Sanjauli. The company retained the strategic forts of Sabathu, Kotgarh, Ramgarh and Sandoch


Founded About 1100 By The Chandela Rajputs. Rulers Were...

Raja Ajai Chand 1100/1171, Son Of Raja Kahan Chand Of Kahlur (Bilaspur).  

Raja Bijai Chand 1171/1201,

Raja Dham Chand 1201/1236, 

Raja Bairang Chand 1236/1276, 

Raja Lachmann Chand 1276/1306, 

Raja Utal Chand 1306/1316, 

Raja Jaimal Chand 1316/1338, 

Raja Amar Chand 1338/1356, 

Raja Alam Chand 1356/1406,   

Raja Udham Chand 1406/1421, 

Raja Bikram Chand 1421/1435,  

Raja Kidar Chand 1435/1448, 

Raja Jai Chand 1448/1477, 

Raja Narain Chand 1477/1522, 

Raja Ram Chand 1522/1568 Built Ramshehar Fort In 1540,

Raja Sansar Chand 1568/1618, 

Raja Dharm Chand 1618/1701, 

Raja Himmat Chand 1701/1705,

Raja Bhup Chand 1705/1761,

Raja Man Chand 1761/1762,  

Raja Gaje Singh 1762/1788,

Raja Ram Saran Singh 1788/1848,

Raja Bije Singh 1848/1857 (Deposed), succeeded to the gaddi in 1848 and was deposed by the british in 1857 for taking part in the rebellion of 1857,

Interregnum 1857/1860 ,

Raja Agar Singh 1860/1876,

Raja Ishri Singh 1876/1911,

Raja Jogendra Singh 1911/1946,

Hh Raja Surendra Singh 1946/1971.


Ramshehar Heritage Fort Resort is Located in Himachal 2.5 KMs from Ramshehar Bus Stand on Swarghat Road.





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